White Christmas

Christmas was absolutely amazing! I didn’t really want anything and when I was actually asked what I wanted for Christmas, I made something up quick and got it! Who’d have thought? For longest my aunt had been wanting this family bonding experience on Christmas Eve. Corny? Yes indeed, but how often is your entire family … Continue reading

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Hope your Christmas is as great as mine!

Christmas Countdown

Ok. Don’t judge me, but I have been listening to my Destiny’s Child Christmas songs from many Christmases (is that even a word?) ago in heavy rotation. I’m sorry. I can’t help it, but I love all things Beyonce! I’m in the Christmas spirit as I have already given a lot to people I don’t … Continue reading

10 things I learned at my Great Great Grandmother’s Funeral

Last Monday, my Great Grandmother died. She was 107 years old. The service was Saturday all the way in East Texas. I’d say what city, but no one would actually know what I was talking about. As the service was about 2 hours outside of Dallas, out in the BFE (for those of you that … Continue reading

Happy birthday to my Godbaby!

Happy birthday to my Godbaby Mason! He’s 1 today!