What’s a Super Bowl?

  I mean come one… this alleged “football game” going on is merely an opening act and the happy bonus is watching these beautifully sculpted men force themselves into some extremely tight costumes before Queen Bey enters the stage!   Okay. Just kidding! But I’m back and I’m sooo excited about Sunday! I’m going for … Continue reading

Music Monday

The BET Awards were last night. The only thing that really intrigued me about the entire awards show was that Beyonce and Jay Z were going to be in attendance. I’m pretty sure they were going to be in attendance only because they knew that they were going to win some kind of an award … Continue reading

Is that Ray J’s Sister?

I’m sitting in my car on Friday, on my way to a date, and this song comes on the radio. Immediately, I turn it up and I’m trying to figure out who is singing this song! I’m trying to get info off of the radio in my car but Im getting no information what so … Continue reading

Music Monday

Normally, for Music Monday, I like to post something about some new music that I’m feeling or perhaps a new artist. Unfortunately, I will not be posting something. However, I am super supportive of Usher’s new album dropping tomorrow!  It’s called Looking For Myself. I have only heard a few songs off of the album … Continue reading

Music Monday

It’s music monday again, and for some reason, I love this song by J Cole. Of course I heard it for the first time listening to New York radio’s Power 105 as it has not trickled down to Texas as of yet, but I am too happy that I was ahead of the game for … Continue reading