Do we get to ask?

One of the bestie’s called last night and we had a quick question and answer session about a situation that she’s currently in. She’s starting to date a man that has casually mentioned that he has a child. The first question was, are we at the age to where it is more acceptable to date … Continue reading

Yes! I’m back! And of course, I thought this would be the most appropriate time to discuss the Steve Harvey Movie, “Think like a Man.” (if you haven’t seen the movie, nor read the book, now might be a good time to dismiss yourself.) Yes, when the book came out, I was one of those … Continue reading

Every Woman Needs a Roster

After speaking to a close girlfriend of mine, I felt this topic was a serious must. One of my friends was telling me how she was feeling like she needed to ween herself off of her “boo,” as they were spending a little  too much time together, and she needed somewhat of a distraction. (btw, … Continue reading

Happy Valentines Day!

I know it’s late, but bettter late than never right? I thought this was appropriate: I did not expect anything at all for Valentine’s Day being that I secretly think I have a Valentine’s Day cloud of doom hanging over my head since I was broken up with actually on Valentine’s Day last year. I … Continue reading

Online Dating Dos and Donts

As a girl that has had some “okay” luck with online dating, I have already figured out my likes and my dislikes. I use the adjective “okay” , mainly because I’m not married but thank goodness, have not met anyone necessarily considered clinically crazy. Sure, the informed person would say ignorant ish like, oh, online dating is for … Continue reading