What’s a Super Bowl?

  I mean come one… this alleged “football game” going on is merely an opening act and the happy bonus is watching these beautifully sculpted men force themselves into some extremely tight costumes before Queen Bey enters the stage!   Okay. Just kidding! But I’m back and I’m sooo excited about Sunday! I’m going for … Continue reading

Females Went To See Texas Chainsaw 3D Because of Trey Songz

Well of course! Why else would we want to see the remake?!

Minister Louis Farrakhan Says Madea Represents A Strong Black Woman and Tyler Perry is Brilliant

Wow! Wasn’t expecting that! It’s nice to see a difference in opinion.


Happy Birthday To Me!!

Wonderful weekend! More details to follow about the drinks, my performance that I don’t recall, and what I wore! Woohoo!