Hi, I have an addiction to…

Hi. I have an addiction to watching brain damaging, non educational, and 100% pointless reality shows. I realize that 99% of the reality shows do not put out anything positive to watch but it’s like watching porn. You think the acting is going to get better if you watch a different one, but by the … Continue reading

So… the Atlanta trip

The first thing I thought when I was told that I was going to Atlanta on business was, damn! My first time in Atlanta and I’m forced to be sober! What a jip! Being that I was going out of town on strictly business, I already had many preconceived notions on what was not going … Continue reading

One bag? For one week? Not an option!

This is exactly what I was thinking when my manager told me that she would “prefer” that we only checked one bag for a week long trip to Atlanta. Me. One bag, for one whole week? Yeah right! I checked 2 bags! Not to mention… I had a carry on. I mean seriously. How else … Continue reading