Finally! It’s Friday!

I’d like to say that I have absolutely nothing planned for the weekend and that I’m just hanging out around my house watching reruns of my favorite tv shows from the 90’s. However, I cannot. Tomorrow, I am doing my first 5k run. When I say “run,” I actually mean “run.” No run a little … Continue reading

What a long weekend!

Thursday started out rough with a down pour of rain on my head! I  was tardy for work, BUT  I was super excited about getting to wear my hot pink rain boots since, you know, it seems like we are almost always in a  drought in Texas. We barely ever get rain! I swear it … Continue reading

Memorial Day Instagrams

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me!  My birthday was this past Saturday, November 12, and yes, it would have been AWESOME, if I could have posted on my birthday, but, I was too busy celebrating. I woke up and my bestie and one of my girlfriend’s took me to brunch at Breadwinners Cafe in Uptown. Super delicious. I hadn’t … Continue reading