Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope you have a wonderful New Year with lots of great things to come! Advertisements

What’s your strategy?

Black Friday is almost here and I’m sitting here thinking, what is my strategy?! I’m freaking out! Where will I go? More importantly, what do I want? (since I’m clearly not shopping for what I really need!) I was telling my friends how I was feeling guilty about Black Friday because if I actually did buy anything, … Continue reading

The Birthday Weekend

I could not have asked for anything more this past weekend. Friday night, I hung out with my cousin and felt quite lovely at Cyclone Anayas after I polished off two of these: I had one, but for some reason, I inhaled mine a little bit faster than my cousin, so then she gave me … Continue reading

Who rocked the Climb?

The American Lung Associations annual Fight for Air, the Climb was today and I rocked the hell out of it! 53 flights of stairs and I am still in shock that I actually completed it! I got there at 8am and was absolutely terrified! I had nervous pee and everything and was literally shaking before … Continue reading

Merry Day After Christmas!!

Christmas was wonderful as it always is with my family. I think we were all together from 9am at church all the way until AT LEAST 8pm that evening. Needless to say, I was sick of my family by that night! I love them all but it was just time to escape and see my … Continue reading