Hi, I have an addiction to…

Hi. I have an addiction to watching brain damaging, non educational, and 100% pointless reality shows. I realize that 99% of the reality shows do not put out anything positive to watch but it’s like watching porn. You think the acting is going to get better if you watch a different one, but by the … Continue reading

Say it and get it over with

Although the chat yesterday was not even remotely close to being an easy one, I will say I am glad that it’s over. Tears, tears, and more tears but I got out everything that I wanted to say. No, I still do not get my way in the lest but he is completely aware of … Continue reading


In an attempt to move on from the relationship that I did not get to have with this man, I have decided  to whine and bitch about why things don’t get to go my way until Sunday and then I’m not going to whine and cry about the situation any longer. Yes, it blows hard … Continue reading

Love Jones

What do you do when you’re love sick? Im seriously asking, because I have no idea what I’m supposed to do! Imagine, seeing a person all the time for 6 months straight, falling in love with them, and everything about them. You even love their flaws and your differences with them. You figure, no one is … Continue reading

The One That Got Away

My first “real” boyfriend was in high school. We met my freshman year through one of my cousins and right from the jump I could not stand him at all! It was awful. We argued about everything! Im pretty sure that’s exactly why I like him so much. He was completely different from any boy … Continue reading