10 Things Your Girlfriends tell you when you’re going through a (non)break up

Going through what I’ll reference as a (non) break up,   since I’m not too sure what else to reference it as, I decided to tell a couple of my girlfriends. I absolutely love them for always attempting to make me feel better no matter how petty, small, ridonkulous(yes, I just used a Hannah Montana … Continue reading

Hot guy Leroy

Remember hot guy Leroy? Remember how I could not figure out what to do with him, nor WTF was wrong with him? Well… Everything finally came to a head. When I was on facebook (before the deactivation) and looking into his information and such, I noticed that he was friends with a few of my … Continue reading

Is there such a thing as a “bad” gift?

The answer is yes. Yes there is such a thing as a bad gift! This was made official as I found this out last night when I received a phone call from one of the besties. Her and and her boo exchanged Christmas gifts last night. She put much thought into his gift as she … Continue reading


In an attempt to move on from the relationship that I did not get to have with this man, I have decided  to whine and bitch about why things don’t get to go my way until Sunday and then I’m not going to whine and cry about the situation any longer. Yes, it blows hard … Continue reading

The One That Got Away

My first “real” boyfriend was in high school. We met my freshman year through one of my cousins and right from the jump I could not stand him at all! It was awful. We argued about everything! Im pretty sure that’s exactly why I like him so much. He was completely different from any boy … Continue reading